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If not I'll try one of the others mentioned here in the comment. Great info here! It would be that person we avoid at parties and whose calls we don't pick up. My favorite tip is the number nine Bypass Youtube Regional Filtering.

I prefer to download youtube videos with DownloadHelper. If you want to download youtube vids just get atube catcher, which also converts the vids into other formats as well, and the program is free. Youtube Video Clip Downloader. I've seen these hacks used many times and always wondered how they did them but couldnt find them via normal search.

Hi I am from UK. I tried viewing the new youtube shows and films categories avail. There is no watch? Any suggestions how to bypass this problem? Thank you very much! I will use this information for when I embed videos on my website Best Instrumentals. One question How embed Googlevideo in YouTube.

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I have some video of more than 10 minutes and I can't upload in YouTube. Can you help me? Thanks, from Peru. Greasemonkey script "YouSable" gives you download options as well, zoom and more features. A must if you find yourself "youtubbing" often. Go to the youtube video of your choice on youtube. Click on 'Window' in the menu, and select 'Activity' 3.

Under the youtube address, which will be recognisable by its name, double click on the address with the largest file listed it should be the only one in the megabytes, but the size varies depending on length of video 4. A new window should open and, after a few seconds, the video should begin to download to your computer. You may need to use a program to convert the file into a watchable movie file. My computer used to not recognise the file at all until converted, but for some reason it's recently started downloading them as flash video files.

If the computer does not recognize the file type, right click on it and select Properties and after the name, append. Like this. It is free.

2. Loop a Video Infinitely

I've always been watching and downloading videos on youtube. But there are many things on this list I didn't know about.

I'll have to check them out. Lower quality loads faster, autoplaying makes it annoying and not letting people explore ever videos just makes you lame.

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Not at all, Mike. I work in K12 education and quite a bit with Boy Scouts. Disabling "related videos" is a big help for videos we embed. I think you have an idea that YT should only be used for "browsing" and that other users use it the same way you do. Not true. Many are using it as a blog friendly hosting platform for specific embedded content, or to share content within a specific group - not necessarily of public interest or consumption. That said, you can still visit YouTube directly and watch the video - and get your search box, lower quality and related videos - so no harm done to someone like you who surfs.

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But I don't want related videos to pop up on an embedded video from our Agriculture Dept on "sexing chicks" that gets embedded on a HS webpage. And yes, this is a real example - it means to separate out the hens from the roosters early on. Not really a trick but if you regularly post youtube vids to your weblog it would we worthwhile to cache the thumbs for performance reasons like e. I have used tubetv on Mac.

It downloads the video and then automatically converts it to the format you set. Interesting info. Can you please show me an example of the "autoplay" used in a complete url? Before and after? I was just having trouble visualizing where to put the: You can KISS youtube to download too. If you aren't good with kicking, that is: It still shows "Content not available in your country".

KeepHD http: I also used keephd.

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Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. I really like the styles That thumbnail trick is awesome: The only useful YT downloader is youtube-dl. In the 'URL' field, copy and paste: I bookmarked it. Go in full screen and type awesome out with the keyboard and look at the playbar. Download by savefrom. Try this one with a savemedia replaced: If I type ss before youtube to download a movie does that use my ip address?

It works from my webserver with this video url: The website, in progress: Thank You. Great, but all of them are not working. For Me number 9 doesn't work. Any tips or advice? Great tips! Thanks for the info great post. I'll try some of them tricks on my mma vid site!

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Don't suppose there's a way to watch private videos without joinig youtube? Just tested this, and it worked well chuffed thanks! Thank u for the great tips. Watch the video and use this in the url bar javascript: I am not seeming to be able to do this. You can download any youtube video simply: Replace the "Y" from "youtube" with a "3" exemple: Ok here are the steps involved 1 go to http: Ok here are the steps involved 1 visit http: If you're running Linux, then just install the program "youtube-dl" For ubuntu, simply run "sudo aptitude install youtube-dl" And you'll be able to download YouTube videos from the command line!

Very useful cheers. Knew some of these. Hi There is also nice podcast player online: Thanks for the tips. Is there a way of adding more than one url to the about me page? Please help me how to post the hyperlink on youtube comment. I am so new to you tube. I am a Partner, so I have a few extra tools that others do not get. I want to share a code that embed youtube vid with full screen option here is the code: Just change the youtube vids address.

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