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When it is required to be used with the P2 products, the file name has to be changed to the P2 format using the rename copy function of the P2 Viewer Plus.

UnionCam Manager 3.4

Also supports 24 bit audio. Compatibility Table. During ingesting, the clips are verified for secure copying, with log files created. All clips on to the P2 cards can be copied to a storing medium such as an HDD. A maximum of 10 P2 cards can be specified as copy sources, and a maximum of 10 destinations can be specified as copy destinations, making a total of registered tasks, which are processed in order in the background.

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During ingesting, the files can be automatically verified individually for secure copying. During ingesting, individual log files can be automatically created as a processing record.

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The created logs are stored for a designated period, and can be searched by customizing conditions. You are Welcome!

P2 Viewer Plus Ver.2.3

UnionCam Manager 3. Keep an eye on your home from anywhere, turning your PC into a video surveillance system. Broadcast live camera video on internet, standard Flash stream and window media stream.

Support more than IP camera manufacturers. UnionCam Manager 1. Turning your Mac into a video surveillance system.

Remote controling your IP camera via pan tilt zoom and preset function. UnionCam 1.

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  • It can keep an eye on your home from anywhere in iPhone and iPad. It can support 16 IP cameras at the same time. UnionCam Player 1. Play video frame one by one, fast forward viewing, fast back viewing or drag progress arbitrarily.

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    You also can select many media files to play, compare and control these video playing at the same time. Purchase 0.