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To do this, you will need to exit an existing call. You should be instructed to leave a test message, then hear it played back. If this works normally, your audio settings appear to be working, and the issue may be on the other end of your call.

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Ask the other person on the call to run the test as well. If you can't hear the instructions, there's likely a problem with your sound settings or speakers. If you can hear the instructions but not the message you record, it may be an issue with your microphone.

If you're on Skype and no sound during call gets through to you, this could be a speaker issue. Try playing audio from another program to see if you have the same issue.

You might try navigating your Web browser to a site like YouTube with videos with audio or using a program such as iTunes to play music. If you're unable to hear anything, make sure any external speakers or headphones you have are properly plugged in. You can also try disconnecting them and using your device's internal speakers, or another audio device, to see if it's a problem with the device. If there are volume controls on your speakers or headphones, try turning them up.

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Also try adjusting the volume on your device to make sure it is turned up and not muted. On a smart phone, this is normally done with buttons on the side of your phone. On a computer, you may have audio buttons on your keyboard or you may need to use your operating system's settings menu.

On a Mac, click the volume control on the menu bar at the top of your screen and use the slider to adjust the volume. Click the file. To install Driver Easy Click.

Skype for Mac Update Ignores Its Own Audio Settings – The Mac Observer

How to fix no sound on Skype Here are the solutions you can try. Fix 2: Update Skype in your device The developer keeps releasing the latest patch for Skype to fix some bug issues and improve your experience, so there may be some problem, including the sound problem in the older version of Skype, and you can install the latest update for Skype and keep it up to date. Fix 3: Check the audio settings in your computer The incorrect audio settings in your computer can cause the no sound issue in your Skype, so you should check and make sure the audio settings are set properly.

To check the Windows Audio service: 1 On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R at the same time.

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Fix 5: Modify the audio settings in your Skype The improper audio settings in your Skype can also cause the no sound issue in Skype, you should check the following settings: 1 Make sure to allow calls from anyone. Related Articles. Lillian Lai 18 hours. Enya Zhang 1 week. Ellie Zhuang 1 week. You can also configure your audio device settings in Lync Preferences. In the Lync Preferences window, click the Audio tab.

Information in this section was adapted from The Lync Team Blog's post on hotfix If you are having problems with your built-in or attached USB camera for video chat, quit all applications that use video, and then launch Lync for Mac only. The built-in camera or other attached camera may be controlled by the first video application launched.

For example, if video applications like FaceTime or Skype are launched before Lync, those applications can be in control of the camera and prevent its use in Lync. If you are having audio problems, and you can't resolve them within the Lync for Mac client, you can specify the input and output devices in your system sound settings:. Each output and input device can have its own level settings.