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This is caused by saving a document too frequently and the computer running out of the temporary space needed to save the file. The problem can be solved by restarting Word or restarting the Mac altogether. Jobs reassured the crowd by saying: "Isn't it great that the Mac is going to have the best version of Office? Entourage was the first program shown, to which the crowd applauded upon hearing that it along with its unique features were only available for the Mac.

Word and PowerPoint were also demonstrated to positive crowd reactions.

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Excel was not demonstrated. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Microsoft Office Office featured unique packaging, both for individual software excluding Entourage and the entire suite. Retrieved December 23, July 20, Retrieved June 21, Retrieved February 9, October 11, Retrieved May 13, Tracking changes, formatting, auto-correction, spell-checking, indexing, and literally dozens of other tools are available if you want. What makes Word the best version of Word for the Mac yet is that these features don't get in the way for those wanting a simple word processor.

Lastly, Word is better integrated with Internet features of the Microsoft Office suite, from hyperlinks to Web page building. It also makes Web pages unnecessarily large files. This is the usual attempt from Microsoft to artificially tie users of one of its products to another product, and serves no other useful purpose. Gerald Pogue of Microsoft's Mac Business Unit pointed out to us in an e-mail that there is way of getting cleaner HTML conversions you can also read his comments in the comment section below.

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The following code comes from a Word document saved in the default Web page mode:. That's just silly.

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There is useless code, there is proprietary code, and it's just plain bad. Had there been any extra styling such as italics, bold letters, or heaven forbid colored letters, it would be even worse. There weren't that many people in the store, but I noticed someone moving around in the Store-within-a-Store. In our opinion, this option should save only using strict HTML standards. That said, this version is cleaner, and it will work in a variety of browsers more or less: there is a ton of CSS code that is included in the headers to make this work, and CSS support is not the same on all browsers.

Changing AppleWorks files to Microsoft Word

Word is a very powerful word processor, and Word offers many new features that will be welcomed. While we don't recommend making a Web page with it, everyone else will likely enjoy it. Excel brings improvements of its own.

The new List Manager detects your moves and will convert cells into lists. A window will pop up and ask you if you wish to create a list out of your items. The List AutoFill adds to this when continuing your formatting for you as you build lists. Last but not least, PowerPoint offers solid improvements. The new tri-pane view allows you to view your slides, outline and notes at the same time.

This all-in-one window was great for us when working jointly on a PowerPoint presentation to see and add notes on the fly. The new multi-masters helped us to use different designs and parts to really separate segments of a presentation. This is neat. Bullets are also handled better: while you can now use pictures, PowerPoint will format and number characters automatically.

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With good QuickTime integration, PowerPoint can save your slides as a QT movie - a great feature, but we noticed that the movies were very large - and let you use QuickTime transitions to cook better presentations. The last notable addition is the ability to build tables in the same way that you would with Word. This helps to use the same features across the Office suite and it improves the possibilities of PowerPoint.

We definitely liked PowerPoint when sharing the workload with colleagues for joint presentations. They were working with PowerPoint for Windows, and the only glitch we could find was a font size problem. Office is not a Carbonized app, so if you want to run it in Mac OS X, you have to do so in the Classic environment. Fortunately, it works well within Classic, and is quite snappy. X will be released in November of The Word and Entourage package released by Microsoft earlier this year is much better suited for the home consumer, unless they are happily using AppleWorks. With all its power and internal integration, we believe that Office is best suited to business users and professionals freelance included who need plenty of power to get their work done.

Office is likely to be the last version of Office for Classic Mac OS, and as such will have a long life span. Despite the dearth of new features, PowerPoint is still the best presentation package for the Mac.

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Unfortunately, it remains the suite's weakest element. It sports an all-new interface with large buttons that make it easy to navigate among mail, address book, calendar and notes displays. The redesigned Calendar window now consists of three panes, one of which sports a Task List that shows the day's events. And the Custom Views window also accessible from a button lets you combine address book, calendar, and mail information in many different ways, so you get all the information you need on a single screen. Unfortunately, Entourage still lacks some basic PIM features.

You can't print paper calendar pages that'll fit in your appointment booklet or binder, for instance. Nor can you synchronise directly to handheld Palm devices -- both features that the free Palm Desktop supports.

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Microsoft says direct Palm syncing will be available later as an update. Although Office X isn't perfect, we think it's one of Microsoft's better Mac offerings. If you've been champing at the bit to upgrade to Mac OS X, you'll be pleased to have this powerful package to use with your new operating system. Doogee S80 hands-on: A waterproof, rugged walkie-talkie phone. Editors' rating.

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