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A full-featured 3D real-time rendering, animation, and baking suite, providing artists a powerful and efficient workflow for all stages of production. Check out some of the key features in the video below. Enjoy entirely new systems for importing and keyframing meshes, lights, cameras, post effects, and more. Real-time updates, bake groups and interactive 3D painting makes baking a piece of cake. Check out the Toolbag Baking Tutorial to learn more.

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Navicat v Kerio Connect 8. I need to look at the new GI settings to see if I could tune it better to not increase render time so much. Any advice on GI tuning? When it says 1x 2x 3x 4x is that the number of GI bounces or is that a sampling multiplier?

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Motion blur, or a motion vector pass option would be really nice in the future. First off, shadow resolution is shared for the whole scene, so if you've got a very large scene, but are zoomed into a small part of it, the relative shadow resolution will be pretty low. We don't have an option to set shadow resolution higher than the current high-res shadow option at this time. Directional lights the type that are added when you click in the sky light editor are always mapped to the whole scene.

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You can usually get better results by using spot lights instead, because the cone of the light limits the resolution to a smaller area of the scene. You can blur the shadows, by adjusting the width setting in the light properties to convert the light to an area light.

Area lights also have penumbra shadows that get blurrier further from the object. If you're getting noise in the scene, this might be from local reflections rather than the GI system depends on the sort of noise though. The only way to improve this is to raise the sampling to x or x. Thanks for the feedback. EarthQuake - You are right that the noise is coming from the local reflection and turning the setting up to x solved it. What is that unit?

Regarding the shadows, I could get better looking results with the other light types, but it's a little sad that it doesn't seem possible to simulate a bright sun with parallel light rays without ruining the resolution of the shadowmap. So much about this tool is incredibly good, and I know it's aimed more towards single model presentations than actual shot production, but if I were to offer one piece of advice for changing that, it would be to expose some of these values and let the user adjust them.

It's really the only thing stopping someone from doing full shots and sequences with MT3 as the renderer. Direct control over shadowmap resolution, GI bounces, and more specific control over sampling for tuning the speed like choosing a number between 25x and x , and eventually motion blur or motion vectors would make it a game changer. Cheers Joe and thanks for assistance. I'll definitely keep playing with it and probably buy a copy at the end of the trial.

Hi everyone and good afternoon.

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I'm a newcomer and I kindly ask you some help to solve a strange issue that I'm experimenting with Toolbag 3. Thanks in advance. This is the text of the email I sent : Hi Marmorset Toolbag3 dev team and good morning.

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Please see this screen capture If I turn off "Cast Shadow" for the light or the object,. Please see this capture : 6 I have also done a video screen capture to show you the issue. PNG NoRank triangle.

NoRank said:. Feb Download the latest installer from the Toolbag 3 product page, or launch Toolbag 3 to get the patch. JRay polycounter lvl 7.

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The new updates look fantastic, thanks guys! I tried to find the option but I didn't see it. JRay said:. Mar In spot light why cannot see these refelections? However looks the spot light make smoother shadows.