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For more information, check out our privacy policy. In marketing, efficiency is crucial for success. Voice-to-text software is speech recognition technology that turns spoken words into written words. Now that you know what exactly voice-to-text or dictation software is, here are some of the best available today.

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Not only does it let you type with your voice on Google Docs, but you can also leverage over voice commands to edit and format your document in almost every way possible, like making bullet points, italicizing or bolding text, and moving your cursor to different parts of your document. As the most popular dictation software in its space, Dragon Professional Individual allows you to do the majority of your job without even touching a keyboard.

Dragon also integrates with Microsoft Office, iWork, and other popular business applications, so you can do hands-free work without leaving your favorite programs. Other than its ability to dictate over languages, Braina Pro can automate various computer tasks, set alarms and reminders, give you updates on current events, serve as dictionary and thesaurus, play songs and videos, read eBooks out loud, search files on folders on your computer, and more. Speechnotes is incredibly user-friendly too -- it automatically capitalizes the beginning of your sentences, autosave your documents, and allows you to dictate and type at the same time.

Picture Credit: e-Speaking. Net Framework , e-Speaking lets you use your voice to control your computer's actions, dictate documents and emails, and make your computer read text out loud. You can also train words and add more commands on e-Speaking to take even more control of your computer. Picture Credit: Business.

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Engineered for people with disabilities or injuries and competitive video game players, Voice Finger is one of the fastest ways to control your mouse and keyboard without your hands. Using just your voice, you can click the left, middle, or right buttons on your mouse, drag and drop items on your computer, and repeatedly click items. You can also use commands to type, hold, and hit keys on your keyboard. Picture Credit: Apple. This voice-to-text tool can help you dictate without any internet connection or time constraints on Apple Pages.

Then, turn Dictation on and choose the Enhanced Dictation option. Picture Credit: Windows.

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Just like Apple, Windows also has a built-in dictation software. But the main advantage Windows Speech Recognition has over Apple Dictation is that it lets you dictate and control text on any browser, program, or web application. Then, click on the Speech Recognition option. Your email address will not be published. On my Mac, pressing fn once did not activate Dictation. Under the Edit menu desktop as well as Apple Pages , the keyboard shortcut indicates fn fn twice.

On long documents books Siri works and Dragon doesn't. My huge objection to Siri is that it capitalizes words in the middle of sentences and when the word might be a proper name, It capitalizes it. If I write "hi will come" tt types "IWill come. I have had Dragon for years but seldom use it now. I would think that it should be easy to stop the mid-sentence capitalization. It drives me crazy! There's no time limit on DD.

When you pause during dictation, it will immediately type what you say. I have been using Dragon for many years And they finally nailed in version I use Dragon for responding to emails to employees -- but not to clients, since Dragon is still prone to errors that could confuse the reader, but which I may not notice before I hit send. Should I install Dragon on the Air? Seth, Dragon for the Mac has gotten much better with each update. It's not perfect, but if you want to rest your fingers from typing, it's worth using. It works fine on my MacBook Air using the built-in mic or the mic on a pair of iPhone earbuds.

Hmmm, Kofi, it sounds like the app is not universal as it should be. I would try to write Apple and request your language be added. Thank you for this information, I am using mountain lion dictate my text here. I am not much of a touch typist, so it is a pretty good new feature from me. Although I have found that with my MacBook air is the microphone on the chassis does not seem to be very accurate. So I'm using an external microphone. But it seems now my voice data needs to be retrained in order to get accuracy again. So do voice database seems to become somewhat garbled by using different microphones.

A great new feature but it certainly takes some patience. Hmmm, Arie, with the built-in Dictation feature, you shouldn't have to do any voice training. I use Dictation feature on my MBA as well, and I find I slightly better results when I'm using the mic on my iPhone earphones, which puts the mic closer to my mouth. But it also works with the built-in mic of the MBA.

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You do have to enunciate your words clearly, but there typically be errors in how it records what you say. And you right, some microphones might not work as well with the Dictation feature. Ability to dictate quickly is quite useful for situations where we enter text in short increments - such as when placing markers in a video editing app, or text annotations in PDFs. In these situations, your hands are probably busy with the mouse or trackpad, and using BetterTouchTool to assign a gesture to start dictation makes the process even more enjoyable.

Personally, Dragon Dictate works better for my accent and lags less. Actually, I think if you were to add "MakeUseOf. It's not built to recognise every name in the world, but it does dynamically build the corpus of lexical elements from your own system. Good point, I will give it a try. That sounds similar to using the dictation feature on the iPhone. I'm actually quite impressed by Apple's dictation software, despite not using it frequently. I'm quite certain I'll find reasons to use it in the future.

Accuracy has nothing to do with where the code resides, it has to do with the voice recognition code, the training method and corpus, etc. Oh, I agree that the dictation feature is very accurate and I point that out in the article. But compared to Dragon Dictate, it is not as useful for extended pieces of writing.

It's great for the type of writing I'm doing right now. That's not my point.

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You stated that it's accurate and more so because it's built in to the OS. That's not what drives voice recognition accuracy; accuracy is a function of how to the voice recognition is programmed, not where the code is OS vs. Okay, gotcha. So what do you think about this business of Apple requiring that dictated text be sent their server and back to your computer?

Do you really think that helps with accuracy as well? In the sense that it allows a further corpus training material and even more if they get corrections back and b they have a lot more computing horsepower than your laptop does, yes. Its general i. Whether or not it would end up being better e. There are always privacy concerns, but that's ultimately a non-technical issue. Ty, I agree. If you're avid user of text dictation, DD is the way to go. My wager is that Apple will improve the built-in dictation feature in coming updates.

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I've read more than a few times that DD is kind of the engine behind the Dictation feature in Mountain Lion.