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DoodleBuggy on Jan 3, Preview used to be a really great app.

PlayStation Classic BleemSync 1.0.0 Hack - Mac OS X Setup

Similarly, Mac OS used to be a pretty great operating system. And then Apple re-organized its software engineering department so there's no longer a dedicated Mac operating system team. There is now just one team, and most of the engineers are iOS first, giving the people working on the iPhone and iPad more power. The new PDF editing solution is to fumble around with our fat fingers on a clunky oversized iPhone named "iPad Pro" , hooray. By the way, when was the last time you heard something positive about the Mac, Mac OS, or the Apple effort with the platform?

When I worked at Apple in the early s, I used to wander over to IL2 for Core Graphics meetings and occasional chats with some of the brilliant engineers working there. John Calhoun, a former Mac game developer, had total responsibility for the Preview app for a time.

Mac OS X Hacks

He was happy as a clam working on Preview and he seemed very proud of his work. As I recall, Preview back then was rock solid. Yep, the opposite of Collective Code Ownership. I'll check back in a year to see whether this has worked and whether Windows laptops have reached an acceptable state in these matters. Macs are loosing their distinct advantages one by one currently, mostly by total mismanagement of an almost earlyies-Apple magnitude.

Apple machines have been producing vaguely corrupt PDF's for years. I've had downstream Linux tools print messages like 'this pdf is broken. Still running If you use the mouse to drag the image, it renders nicely with proper subpixel hinting. When you release the mouse button, it does a second antialiasing pass or something, blurring the edges of the fonts. This doesn't seem to matter much one way or another on retina displays, fwiw.

Hacking security tips for Safari and OS X

JonathonW on Jan 3, Sierra's Preview. A more subtle bug: go to page broke. Before the update, going to page in a textbook would consistently get you to the page labeled Now it takes you to the hundredth physical page, which thanks to the cover, toc, etc. Not a huge deal, but just another thing it used to do better than the competition and now doesn't.

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Goto page has never worked reliably for me, even prior to the update. I don't have the details in front of me, but I believe it is dependent on how the PDF is created. Correct; a PDF can indicate an arbitrary page number for every physical page. Stupid PDF readers navigate in physical pages; more sophisticated readers use indicated pages, even when taking user input go to page Intro I don't believe you. I've never had "go to page" take me to the page labelled if that's not actually the th pdf page.

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It's always taken me to the th pdf page instead, and I've had to scroll to get to the one labelled It tends to only be higher quality pdfs. I use a lot of pdfs made by textbook publishers and they are tagged appropriately. That's no good, and I don't recall it doing this before.

Mac OS X Terminal hacks

Time to go file a radar I guess. WalterBright on Jan 3, If you had a page PDF, you had to furiously slide left for minutes to get to where you left off. Of course it didn't remember the last page read, either. They added the goto in an update, but the failure to remember last page read is still a sickness in just about every major PDF reader. Oh, and while I'm ranting, it ought to show the first page of the PDF as the thumbnail. Some do it, some don't. C'mon, guys, it's It's like getting an update to your favorite programming language and they removed scoping of declarations.

If you want to securely erase files from your Mac, but don't want to make "Secure Empty Trash" the default, you can securely shred files one by one in Terminal. The following command uses one-pass overwriting before trashing. The Mail app does not come with a hotkey to send an email since the Enter key is only set to insert a line break. For those of you who like to live in the '90's state of mind, you can make it so that emoji no longer replaces traditional emoticons with this.

The login window doesn't reveal much information about your device, but if you'd like it to show some extra info, like your IP address and OS version, use this next command. The information appears when you click on the menu bar 's clock and is displayed one at a time. This last Terminal command makes it so you have you own personal robot voice generator. All you have to do is enter "say" and add text inside quotes. For some of the tips above, like hiding specific folders or changing the screenshot save location, the location's name might have a space in it.

Using just a space in Terminal won't work.

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For example:. Have any other must-know Terminal commands that didn't make the list? Share them with us in the comment section below. For more all? What a great time saver!!! Yeah, except this is for people who are using OS X, not Linux.

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