Mac mini 2011 second hard drive kit

That way, you can move your OS and apps to the SSD , and keep your music, documents, and other data on the large hard drive, and reap all the benefits without the space constraints.

Add a second drive to your MacBook, MacBook Pro or Mac mini.

The kit comes with all the necessary cables and tools you'll need to get the job done, including two big suction cups to pull your iMac apart. It isn't an easy process, but given how much we love SSDs , we'd say it's worth the trouble.

OWC releases dual drive upgrade kit for 2011 Mac Mini

Hit the link to check out the kit for the There's also a Mac Mini version available , too. The A.

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Here is my question - the Mini ditched the optical drive and share the same design of the Mini Server's design. Mac mini, Mac OS X Posted on Aug 1, PM.

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Add a second drive to your Mac mini | ZDNet

The new specification can use existing SATA cables and connectors, although some OEMs are expected to upgrade host connectors for the higher speeds. Aug 10, PM. Aug 14, AM in response to samtenor In response to samtenor. Aug 14, AM.

Mac Mini Dual Hard Drive Kit

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Puzzle solved: A faster Mac mini server

Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 0. Here are few things I want to share with anyone interested in the SSD. Has anyone tried to install the second hard drive using part flex cable?