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Description Naturally sweet bright Virginia leaf from three continents combined and aged in press to bring out the natural flavours. Quick view.

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Perfect rectangular flakes flavoured with Jamaican rum and a hint of licorice. Out of stock Quick view.

Out of stock. Mac Baren's famous Mixture Scottish Blend in flake format. Add to Cart.

Mac Baren Virginia Flake

The taste is complex with the smoky note from Latakia in the front seat, the subtle sweetness from the Virginias working in the back, and the mellow spiciness from the Orientals popping up from time Add to Cart Quick view. A blend composed of both air dried and flue cured Virginia tobaccos. Both continents have a high reputation for growing the A Burley dominated flake containing tobaccos from three continents. Besides Burley this flake contains ripe Virginia tobaccos and a small portion of Dark Fired Kentucky.

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Old Dominion is a simple yet complex tasting "Crumble Flake" A mixture of cut leaf with some whole leaf added, pressed and sliced thick of red, matured and bright Virginia varieties with a dose of Watch City's "Nor'easter" Bulk by the Ounce. Named for the famed New England Winter storms, Nor'easter is a blizzard of 8 different tobaccos including rough-cut burley, Perique.

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Black Cavendish. Watch City's "Flake " Bulk by the Ounce.

Mac Baren Virginia Flake 1 Lb Box

It reminded me of a fresh-mown hay field with a hint of vanilla. I packed one leaf from the package into my pipe after rubbing out a small amount and following the folding technique on the Mac Baren Website. It was a little tough to light, but I sprinkled some of the rubbed out tobacco on top of the folded, and once lit, it was smoldering contentedly for a long time with out re-lighting.

The mouth feel was full and definitely grassy with a hint of citrus. Nice sweetness gives a full, round taste experience.

Mac Baren - Virginia Flake | wilkepipetobacco

That gets more nutty and deeper at mid-bowl. This draws the smoker in and is quite pleasant. BUT- smoker beware- there is a sneaky nicotine hit that I was not expecting, and that I found unpleasant. I smoked this after dinner and the nicotine hit me harder than expected, kind of taking the pleasant smoke experience down a notch.

Mac Baren virginia flake and Ser Jacopo on a sunny morning

I should have realized that this form would be more concentrated than what I usually smoke. I really bought this tobacco to truly taste and discern Virginia tobacco as a stand alone and I was not disappointed as I was able to enjoy many of the notes and flavors that I had read about in other reviews. Overall, a good smoke, but one must be careful of the nicotine punch.