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Tutorial: Canon 6D WiFi Manual for One Device

Smart Boards. Gift Cards. Wirelessly shoot and transfer photos to your social media platforms. The app lets you wirelessly transfer your photos from your camera to your smartphone, your tablet or your laptop to be shared with the world quickly and without a fuss. Transfer and Share Images. You can browse images captured by your camera remotely on your smartphone. You can then choose which images and movies you would like to transfer from your camera to your smartphone, making it easy to share your beautiful images to your favourite social media platforms.

Wirelessly Shoot. This feature allows you to control the camera settings and capture images via your smartphone. One Touch Communication. If your camera has Near Field Communication NFC support, you can connect to your NFC equipped Android device with a simple tap, making the connection from your phone to your device easier than ever. GPS Tagging. You can use the Camera Connect app to collect GPS information from you mobile phone, so that you can then add it to the photos and videos on your camera later.

This feature allows you to pinpoint your travels, so you never forget where you got that perfect shot. In stock.

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PowerShot G3X. Super Zoom into High Performance. PowerShot G5X. Firmware Version 1. An international team of security researchers has drawn our attention to a vulnerability related to communications via the Picture Transfer Protocol PTP , which is used by Canon digital cameras, as well as a vulnerability related to firmware updates. Corrects a PTP communication vulnerability. Corrects a vulnerability related to The following describes how to deal with this problem.

We would like to offer our sincere apologies to users who have been inconvenienced by the phenomenon described below. Consumer Switch to: Business. Consumer Business.

DSLR Cameras with Built-in WiFi

View All Contact Us. Search Support For Your Product. It is installed together with EU. Confirm that an access point base unit Wi-Fi router, etc. A router that contains an wireless function is called a wireless LAN router. This page will refer to all wireless routers and base stations as "access points". When unsure of your computer setup, refer to the user manual provided with the computer. Make sure that the included EOS Utility software is installed on your computer. Return to top.

Step 2: Performing basic camera settings The following settings must be performed before the cameras Wi-Fi fuction is used. If the cameras auto power off is activated during the wireless LAN connection, the wireless LAN function will turn off. Wireless LAN connection is restored when the camera wakes up from auto power off. When the camera is connected to another device via a wireless LAN, the nickname will be displayed on the device. Be sure to set a nickname for your camera.

Select [OK] and and then enter a nickname up to 16 letters and numbers.

The nickname is registered, and the [Wi-Fi function] screen will appear. If a confirmation screen is displayed, select [OK] to exit. The [Wi-Fi function] screen will be displayed. Step 3: Connecting the camera to the computer.

How to add Wi-Fi to your dSLR

Select the Wireless setting method, and connect to the access point using one of the following methods. Refer to the user guide provided with your access point to check if it supports WPS. Press the access points WPS button. When a connection with the access point is established, the [IP address set.

Connect your Canon camera with your smartphone and do more than ever:

If you have completed the settings up to this point, proceed to Step 4. Deactivate stealth functions. NOTE It may take approx. If you have completed the settings up to this point, please proceed to Step 4. This is also called the "access point name" or "network name".

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Encryption key network key is the key used when encrypting data during wireless transmission. Indicates whether the device is in infrastructure or ad hoc mode. An icon is displayed if the access point is encrypted. First 9 characters of the SSID.

EOS Utility

Channel used. Enter the SSID using the virtual keyboard and then configure settings following the instructions displayed. Therefore, the encryption used by the access point should be one of the following. Enter the encryption key using the virtual keyboard. After a connection to the access point has been established , the [IP address set.

However, this option can only be used in environments using DHCP servers, or access points or routers with DHCP server functionality, such that IP addresses and related settings are assigned and configured automatically. If an error is displayed even though the IP address and related settings is set to be automatically assigned and configured, select [Manual setting]. Enter the IP address assigned to the camera when prompted for the IP address.