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For the last 16years, he has been involved in the global display market. An all-in-one meeting equipment is a worthy and optimal investment to a smart corporate. Multinational corporation can even enjoy the seamless remote meeting experiences by BYOD. Learn how Newline develop a robust interactive flat panel display with intuitive user interface, numbers of useful tools, and user-centric applications by integrated a Intel OPS inside.

Smart Classroom use Interactive system as a core device to support Thailand 4. Interactive Presenter is one of a device to help Student in the classroom to achieve deeper understanding and develop analysis skill by using interactive system.

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In addition to interactivity, all content of teaching in the classroom are recorded and uploaded to the cloud for student use in the future. Working since with Siamtech, he is currently involved in display product for education field and implementation system for Classroom. Kane provides technical support to clients in the Asia-Pacific region, and has extensive experience working with a wide variety of audiovisual solutions, including various conferencing, background music and public address systems.

He has been involved with the system design and commissioning of many large-scale projects throughout the region, including the Galaxy Macau Hotel, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibit Centre, and the Lotte World Tower in Korea. Furthermore, Kane enjoys staying on top of current and emerging trends in technology. He looks forward to consistently providing the highest quality technical support to customers. Larger-than-life video walls are creating a technical challenge for today's installers and content producers.

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The conventional technology limits the total resolution of the entire video wall to 4K. While it may be simple to put dozens of high resolutions screens into the lobby of a smart building, making the content appear pixel-perfect can be difficult to achieve. This session looks into a field deployment displaying content at 18K and incorporating real-time, augmented reality interactivity to leave an everlasting impression to the visitors. Wireshark is a free and open-source tool for inspecting packets as they pass through the network.

It's a great way to learn about network technologies, and an indispensable tool for anyone working with AV control systems. In this session we'll take tour of the Wireshark software, look at a variety of use cases where packet analysis might be useful, and finally use Wireshark to observe what happens on the wire when we send a seemingly straightforward AV control message. Learning Objectives: After attending this seminar, attendees will be able to know the smart classrooms with different aspects and how to design smart classrooms with IoT solutions. In the InfoComm Flash track session, she will share the smart classroom experiences in Taiwan and how the solution was come up with from IoT concept.

Standards boost business. As a designer, installer, or system user, AV standards are written to help you improve quality and efficiency. Learn about 10 you should be using right now. How many signages have you seen where you can't read what's on the screen?

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It's a bad experience. It's frustrating. It makes us all look bad. But not anymore. The science has caught up to the real-life scenarios. And now, you can leave the math to the calculator.

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Learn how to wow your clients and audience with this standard's calculations - AVIXA's done the math for you! Procedures make success repeatable.

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Repeatable procedures produce metrics, and metrics produce better procedures. We always work win-win with our Peer Design team members, as well as with all the other stakeholders, in order to bring these often large and complex projects to fruition with a long-term reliability and maintainability". Ian says that in the end, his 4 daughters and son, and wife, are his greatest joy and motivation. This half day forum serves as a platform where forward-thinking hospitality establishments congregate to learn about the latest industry trends, and study ideas to improve business operations and enhance guest experiences.

Join your community peers in discussion about real projects, delving deep into how to create value in your organization by focusing on guest experience. The session will begin with an overview of CHW Consulting's capability and track record designing technology solutions for Australian luxury hotels and convention spaces.

An overview of the trends in luxury hotel and convention centre technology will also be provided. During the presentation, Vivek will cover the Golden Rules and first principals of technology design for hotels and convention spaces.

We will then look at the Golden Rules in the context of a case study — the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre which is one of Australia's largest exhibition spaces. Our case study will look at the project's key design challenges, how they were tackled, and the success of the project.

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The focus of the case study will be designing high density Wi-Fi and audio visual systems for flexible convention and multi-function spaces. He has a robust knowledge of the technology trends and requirements of luxury hotel and convention centre developments. Vivek has also played a key role in the technology design of major convention centre projects including the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, which is one of the largest exhibition spaces in the southern hemisphere.

Steve Rickless has over 20 years of experience in video streaming technology. A part of the team that worked on the original BT Martlesham video-on-demand trials to 2, homes in , as well as designing the blueprint and launching digital television within the European cable industry to Virgin Media and others, Steve is one of the pioneers of the industry. This forum aims to look at how banks are integrating AV technology into their retail locations to create more personalized and targeted customer engagement. Learn how and why banks around the world are investing in advanced audiovisual technologies to improve customer engagement and reduce overhead.

Digital Hospitals leverage digital technologies to improve patient care delivery, create efficiencies, and enhance the patient and clinician's experience. Underlying what it means to be a digital hospital are core technologies that require a compatible ICT system with a range of design considerations. Informed by his 25 years managing the deployment of ICT systems in major health projects, Peter will:.

Since , CHW Consulting has grown from a team of two technology consultants into Australia's premier Health Technology consulting company. Peter has been responsible for the project management of ICT systems for over 25 years and has extensive experience in major Health projects.

Understand how state-of-the-art AV technology solutions dramatically enhance patient care and healthcare environments. This session provides innovative AV solutions for the challenging needs of the healthcare industry. If you are building, upgrading or expanding a hospital or medical teaching facility, you will want to know how to implement telemedicine, telehealth, surgery simulation rooms and integrated operating room to improve communications and collaboration.

The delivery of patient care has seen vast improvements through advancements in technology, and leading healthcare institutions around the world are integrating these latest technologies into their facilities to improve the overall patient and staff experience. Distance telemedicine applications, automation, robotics, converged networks, 5G cellular and a wide array of audiovisual applications geared specifically for healthcare are what will be covered in this special session on Healthcare Innovation Technologies. With over 25 years of experience including technical design consulting, project management, and corporate team management, Mr.

With over employees spread across 15 offices worldwide, Mr. Much of his focus has been in the healthcare sector, helping the world's leading healthcare institutions improve their planning process and their delivery of care. If you are building, upgrading or expanding a hospital or medical teaching facility, you will want to know how to implement telemedicine, telehealth, surgery simulation rooms and integrated operating roomto improve communications and collaboration.

Can twitter light a bridge? Can a giant LED display make security screening fun? Journey into the universe of Moment Factory's recent projects bringing innovative technologies and content into transportation hubs and infrastructure. The stories that these digital systems enable are key strategic levers in our quest to create meaning and value in tomorrow's public environments. From astounding theatrical environments to mega infrastructure projects such as the interactive Jacques-Cartier Bridge in Montreal and iconic LED features at Changi Airport's Terminal 4, David's vision ensures each project has the robust capacity to amaze visitors year after year.

As part of an active technical design, David identifies issues early and works as an integral part of the creative team for the fulfillment of each client's dream. Prior to joining Moment Factory, David spent 20 years working on the production and installation of some of the largest and most complex performance installations in the world, including the Cirque du Soleil shows "O" and Love in Las Vegas as well as Zed in Tokyo. The airport experience is changing, and at the forefront of this change is cutting-edge audiovisual AV technology that is helping transform passengers' time spent in terminals.

Beyond just displaying flight information and directing travelers through their halls, this half-day forum presents how the industry's most innovative airports are also now investing in audiovisual installations that entertain, engage, and ease passengers' minds in ways that improve their travel experiences while potentially increasing airports' non-aeronautical revenue. Understanding the differentiation of audio visual design between experiential spaces for theme parks, Museum and experiential venues as compared to other AV spaces.

In the recent years AV technology have been challenged to fulfil the dreams of creative designers and producers, making breakthrough with innovative technologies. The trend of social media can be an advantage to venues, which it can capitalized onto increase visitors as well as visitor participation. Technology will simplifies the hardware element but yet challenges the big data of content management and delivery. Pioneered AV curriculum into tertiary education in Singapore developing younger pool of AV apprentices for the industry.

This half day conference provides the importance of understanding AV needs to a successful event. Find out the latest trends and technology in live events and what challenges or opportunities these technologies present. The system integrator for this innovative installation was Bangkok-based Vichai Trading Initially the installation was to be based on a software video wall solution. At Vichai's insistence this decision was reviewed due to less than satisfactory experiences related to the software's reliability — it required updates and regular reboots that interrupted the video wall's pivotal role in monitoring the collection and control of customs and excise and other import duties.

Paul Zielie is a multi-disciplined generalist with 30 years of experience designing and integrating IT, telecommunications and audiovisual AV solutions. Currently Mr. His primary responsibilities are solving the integration issues of enterprise wide AV integration including, security, scalability and maintainability. Prior to joining Harman in There is a right way to select and adopt the right solution based on different applications.

The session provides a rich understanding of 3 best solutions: 1. Learning Objectives: After attending this seminar, students will be able to know how to 1. Select different solution based on applications 2.

With total of more than 23 years of experience working for global brands such as JVC, Delta etc. He has thorough knowledge on the IT network architecture and AV signal distribution. Live Sound is an extremely challenging job to undertake, especially when factoring in environmental challenges and time factors. How can these be overcome, and what can we learn about the expectation of audio within this region?

Currently is leading in all advanced engineering topics in Sonos Libra: from demanding live situations to high performance installations. Most of them.