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This is based on the answer from Dennis Williamson above. Shared Printer in one network. Make sure Wireless and Wired are on the same subnet. Use your own main router wireless with wired ports to achieve this. Set your printer up with a static IP on this network. Install the printer driver on each device and point it to the printer.

Now everything can print. I do this just as described above. John 1, 2 2 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges. Right click on the service, and select Properties Change the startup type to Manual or Disable. Click Stop Click Apply If you cant find any related service, make Vitaly Grozinsky 1.

Set unique DNS settings for one specific Linux process. Bubblewrap is a good tool to do that, without root. Remember to make system's DNS cache unaccessable for your process Plex server eg. I cannot ping a LAN machine from host configured with a Linux bridge. Karim Manaouil 8 8 bronze badges. Try VNC'ing into the machine you want but specifying the port in the connection. That seemed to work for me.

John Thwaits 1. If the destination IPv4 host is within the local network, the frame will use the MAC address of this device and is used as the destination MAC address. The gateway's.

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Routing table entries do not have an explicit indication whether the Trouble connecting to my neighbors NAS. Suppose the ISP denies switching between the hosts in the subnet with the exception that when the default gateway is the destination , perhaps this can be solved by adding static route to your router for your neighbor's IP with the default gateway as gateway to "force routing". Your neighbor's router would probably need similar route for your IP so Tom Yan 3, 1 1 gold badge 9 9 silver badges 22 22 bronze badges.

Use a smartphone as a Dial Up Modem? Centar 1. According to this bug report, Firefox doesn't support link-local IPv6 addresses in the address bar. A workaround is to use the link-global IPv6 address of the host if it's not in a standalone network, of course.

According to the Arch Linux manual on IPv6: If you add an option -I your-global-ipv6 [to ping], link-local hosts will respond with their link Stefan van den Akker 6 6 bronze badges. Laptop WiFi is not working from reasonable distance. Page 99 of the manual shows the location of your WiFi card and the two preceding pages show how to get at it. Please open up your laptop following those instructions, remove and re-seat that WiFi card.

Also remove the left snap-on antenna wire and reconnect it, then remove and reconnect the right snap-on antenna wire. Then close up the PC and retest your It cannot be made to show up as a wlan0 device on a different system. However, depending on the firmware, you might be able to install software directly into the CPE itself, or even OpenWRT the whole thing. I don't know if this is possible with TP-Link devices, but I've done so in the How to get a network path using net use, without having to map the path to a drive.

Kazem Sami 11 1 1 bronze badge. How to get access to local network of remote server via iptables. You merely need to set up another If I understood the question properly, you can achieve this in two ways: 1- Entirely with routing 2- Using NAT Routing only method From Server A's perspective, both networks are directly connected, hence no iptables forwarding rules are required here.

Chaminda 26 2 2 bronze badges. Keeping in mind Seth's comment: That's not possible. If you accept the fact that you need to at least expose the VPN port to the public Internet in order to connect to it, you can achieve this. The setup is still not clear. Please edit question as required. Openvpn client cannot access openvpn server side LAN when using 2 same subnet. Assuming the problem is due to conflicting destination between the subnet route of LAN2 and the route pushed by the VPN for LAN1, you can try to workaround the conflict by spliting the route being pushed to two halves: route Can I share Wi-fi via the same Wi-fi adapter?

You need to create a loopback interface in the Network panel: sudo networksetup -createnetworkservice Loopback lo0 sudo networksetup -setmanual Loopback Menkid 1 4 4 bronze badges. Block Internet Access for specific machines via EdgeRouter with reject. So instead of testing via apps I tested via ping and it was rejecting. After that the apps started timing out! Copy files between two Windows hosts in different subnets.

I assume your switch is a SOHO router, because otherwise this doesn't make any sense. Switches do not isolate subnets. The missing piece is your second router will always drop unsolicited traffic arriving on its WAN port. Even if you added routes or adjusted subnet settings to drive Andy 1, 4 4 silver badges 11 11 bronze badges.

Does a point-to-point ethernet connection need a crossover cable? Modern Ethernet connectors and switches 10 years old or newer detect the proper cable connection called for so crossover cables are not necessary any more. That said, connecting via a small switch is a much better way to make a connection. Small switches are very inexpensive and can be used in a variety of situations. How can I obtain IP information without third party tools in Linux? Unless you construct a local DB of all locations of all IP addresses and maintain it For the purely network information, whois and dig will help.

How to connect Echo Dot to University protected wifi.

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Ask your university's IT admins first. I'm not sure if whitelisting would work because Eduroam is run throughout the country and not just by my Uni, so I doubt I could ask for them to whitelist the MAC. Your university's APs are still managed by your university and get Internet access from your university. Eduroam is only a network of various Probably your router is set with standard NAT settings.

Usually it includes PAT. It means your router is replacing not only the IP, but the ports too.