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And set the mood by using a song you created in GarageBand or by choosing from dozens of music tracks included in Clips that intelligently adjust to match the length of your video. Clips works with iCloud, so you can view and edit any of your projects on all your devices. Capture a moment on iPhone, then use iPad to continue creating. You can even use AirDrop to send your project to friends so they can pick up where you left off.

How to Automatically Repeat YouTube Videos

Inspire your students to tell stories with engaging visuals. Join Apple Teacher and get free Clips training materials.

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Even in real life :. Need some help customizing an After Effects template?

Want to learn how to use Apple Motion like a pro? Or maybe you want to learn how to add audio to the stock footage you just bought Deliver better projects faster.

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Effortless design and video. Made online by you. Smart templates ready for any skill level. For example, if a user creates a theme, and sets the background as a video file instead of an image, then OpenLP could automatically set the theme to transparent, and issue a couple simple commands to VLC to first grab a screen capture to use as the thumbnail image in the theme manager, and then run the video file on the appropriate screen in the background looped, with no GUI , then issue a stop command when the background needs to be ended.

I'm sure there's probably a more elegant solution, but this might be a "quick fix" you can add to an upcoming point release until something better can be put into the next major version.

950,471 tracks and sounds from our community of musicians and sound engineers.

You may have already thought of this, or perhaps this isn't helping. In those cases, you may simply ignore this comment! God bless!

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  6. How to Loop YouTube Videos on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows PC.
  7. June edited June For video loop background here is a temporary solution windows - using latest version of vlc 2. July Insert a song, scripture or custom slide into your service list then right-click it and change the Theme to your transparent theme that you created earlier. In OLP, either hit the D button shortcut on the keyboard to show the video loop which I like to do for welcome and closing of service or send your song, scripture or custom slide to the screen and your background should be looping!

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    January Hello, Any news in this thread? I'm also looking for this function. BR Jakob.

    Hi Jakob,. But to answer your question, yes we will be adding looping video background to the next release.