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Turn your desktop into a running living hilarious jokes screensaver! Desktop Runner is desktop enhancer that provides DIY active desktop with various funny jokes. You can activate it in one or more displayers.

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Otherwise, you can simply set it as a s. Top pick on MacBreak, check out the video on our support page! Magic Window brings your desktop to life with beautiful slow moving timelapse views for your wallpaper and screen saver. It includes complete timelapse views of coasts, beaches, cities, mountains, lakes, and more. Watch as time and light slowly paint. Mach Desktop Free is the lite version our popular application, Mach Desktop!

Bring History to life on your computer screen. Jump back in time and space: let your computer deliver you right into the paws of the Sphinx. Get as close as possible to the gigantic sculpture, and get to know the ruined temples that spread out beneat. Do you want a dynamic desktop wallpaper? Do you spend the entire day at your PC for work, study, or just for fun and you're sick and tired of those boring and predictable wallpap.

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Finger painting is fun, just ask any 2 year old. But the mess, the mess. Now let your child loose on this App and there's no mess. Quick and easy to use. You can draw complicated pictures or just splodges. There are plenty of colours to choose f. Fun Flowers - for toddlers and young children! Need a way to entertain your child? Fun Flowers is the answer! Let your child create flowers, grow flowers, and pluck them. They can also set a background from six different ones. It's like having Discove. Transform your computer into an immersive fish tank filled with exotic fish!

Desktop Aquarium 3D

From the makers of the apps "Fireplace" and "Fireplace Plus. Koi Pond 3D Lite. Magic Window - Yosemite National Park. Koi Pond 3D. Fairy Lights - Live wallpapers. Paper Fish. Aquarium Screensaver Lite. The Lost Watch 3D. Aquarium Screensaver. Magic Window 4K. Dwarf Desktop Runner. Textify Me. Magic Window.

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The ultimate Mac desktop must surely be an animated one and Desktop Aquarium Free is a fantastic app that makes the desktop a window onto a huge fish tank. There is a coral reef that has fish like the Clownfish, Blue Tang Dory , and others that inhabit this type of environment. There is also an alternative seascape and this features sharks.

There are some really big ones and also lots of smaller and more brightly coloured fish, too. These are not static images and instead they run like HD videos on the desktop, but it really is the desktop and you can open windows, access the Dock and menu bar, run apps and so on. The animated fish scenes are best on MacBooks, mainly because of the smaller screen sizes compared to iMacs.

The app is not a screen saver, but it does have a sort of screen saver function. After a period of inactivity, any windows on the desktop slide off the screen to provide an unobstructed view of the animated scene on the desktop. The inactivity period can be set anywhere between five minutes and an hour.

Koi Live Pond 3D 🐟 Fish HD Live Wallpaper Free on PC/Mac

As soon as you move the mouse, the windows slide back on and you can continue working. There is an option in the preferences to to set it to run automatically on startup.

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Stop the aquarium and the normal Mac desktop is restored. You might want to stop it when running a MacBook on the battery because it increase the drain and reduces the time the Mac will run away from the mains power. It has a rather clever feature that will automatically stop the animated desktop image when it is not visible.

You can choose to play the fish animation only when a certain percentage of the desktop can be seen. It automatically starts again when there is more desktop visible. This is a nice feature. Related : Sharks vs Dolphins animated 3D action on your Mac. The free version is excellent, but the full version is even better.

The free version has ads. This is recommended if you like your desktop to be fun. It is almost as good as having your own fish tank stocked with beautiful fish.

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