Citrix ica client for mac damaged and cannot be opened

It is important to remember that certain items mentioned in this article might not exist on your system depending on the Receiver version s you previously installed. In version You can remove the files that were not properly cleaned up by the uninstaller. The following locations should be cleaned up after running the uninstaller utility: Installation information files that are okay to remove after uninstall: File not cleaned up during uninstall that you may or may not want to delete depending on your needs: Citrix Documentation - Receiver for Mac. Open a ticket online for technical assistance with troubleshooting, break-fix requests, and other product issues.

Customers who viewed this article also viewed. In some cases, after having uninstalled the Receiver, certain files might be left behind the system. This has mostly been reported after having run earlier versions of the CitrixReceiver. Earlier versions of Note that certain folder mentioned in the list can be hidden directories on the system.

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How to Remove Files Remaining on System after Uninstalling Receiver for Mac

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Citrix Problem(

Having issues with Receiver populating the start menu automatically. I have to right click on Receiver and select refresh for it to begin configuring the store. Hi Carl, great content as usual.

These Mac apps are great for

These have been copied into C: Is there anything further that needs to be carried out? The delivery controller components are installed so i have visibility to the standard citrix policies via the GPMC. Appreciate any info. Hi Carl — thanks for quick response. Domain GPO is being carried out. Yes we are adding policy definitions to the sysvol folder so will get these added. Currently we are testing with Xenapp 7. Can we still use Receiver 4. Carl, any possible way to set client selective trust for unmanaged non domain machines?

Hi Carl, I am testing 4.

Is this correct behaviour for 4. The current running version is Carl do you know if this was fixed in 4.

Citrix Receiver for Macintosh Installation and First Launch - IS&T Contributions - Hermes

Citrix receiver continually prompting for password external access. I have some users starting to complain about this. I can set the.. You do such a great job providing us in the citrix realm with such detailed and amazing information. We appreciate all you do. I pray for continued blessing for you and all your skills for your blessings to us.

Mac: “Downloaded .app is damaged and can’t be opened” Error Solved

My company is doing a migration from 6. The task I been given is to see how to properly upgrade the citrix receiver they using, version 3. What are your thoughts and ideas here? How should I approach this? Never dealt with the TLS protocols myself, so this is new to me. So, that is if they decide to turn tls 1. Or will there still be something needed done on the gpo policy, or netscaler storefront sides?

My company wants to go to 7. What would be some of the major issues we could encounter by doing this? I saw some articles on how newer receivers upgrade your HDX etc but I could not find something saying it was necessary to move from 3.

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We had a bug with Receiver 4. Sometimes, the application window the black but most of the time Receiver crash. Alt-Enter is use in Excel to add a line break in a cell. Any hints? Apologies if this was covered elsewhere. In XA 6. With Receiver 4. Can this still be done in Receiver 4. I personally would need to play around with it, but wondering if WEM could help with that if it no longer works through Receiver. We have it place shortcuts for users based on their clientname and automatically launch them. Use https: Yeah, we are doing that as a workaround via GPO, although we are using -qlaunch instead of-launch as the syntax is simpler.

Ah well…. Job security. Carl—Thanks for all the time you spend educating all of us! It seems the process would have to be different for a single FQDN configuration. Would you mind explaining how this process works in a single FQDN configuration? The process is the same. Unfortunately, Receiver is not smart enough to query the destination to determine if it is a Gateway or not, and instead uses the Internal beacon to make that determination.

Bascially I can enter a store front server manually when prompted by the Receiver 4. I can not find an interface to modify my StoreFront. I am using the latest GP template for Receiver. Using MCS.. Thanks Kevin. Any ideas? What is that setting for, and what will happen if I delete it? I personally prefer to use group policy instead of the StoreFront node in Studio.

Another great article Carl. I was hoping that you could give me a little help. We are rolling out a new XenApp 7. Could some kind of corruption on the PC break this as hardware is the only thing that is different then some of the others. I can actually setup the user on another computer and it works fine.

Helpful answers

I am rebuilding their Windows Profile to see if something is just corrupted within her profile. We just have a small problem with the SSO settings: If not how can we disable to popup windows where the user should enter the credentials? So a Winlogon has to occur for ssonsvr. I am seeing inside of connection center Devices are greyed out. I never seen this before. In my previous deployments. Does the PowerShell command you reference needed for 6. Can anyone confirm this? What exactly is not working? I just tried Receiver 4. Works great. One of the Image could had a failure.

Has anyone been able to get this to work with Receiver 4. We are having issues with session roaming that does not automatically roam when we do Winlogon and Open. It does on Refresh and Launch. We have enabled all four options and self service is disabled. We have been with Citrix support for a few days and it seems it is a known issue but rt now nothing that Citrix has suggested has worked. Receiver is 4. You mean the Windows security message?

Thanks a lot for this however, I have a query here.. What could be the issue? They are using Receiver 4. It works great when you fire up a computer inside our organization, but as soon as you bring your laptop outside our company network and try to connect thought NetScaler, SSO is not working at all and Citrix Receiver asks for your password. And it keep doing so every hour. If you want this feature, please call Citrix Support and submit an enhancement request.