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You can bend the pad and it retains the shape you make so it can be wedged into your upright tray table, hooked over the back of the seat in front, or stood up on a desk. The pocket has holes so you can plug in your headphones and a clear window that protects your spendy device. I must point out that, contrary to what I've seen written in some reviews, there is no way on earth you're going to get, say, a Samsung Galaxy S or an HTC Incredible into this thing without some serious ripping of seams. This is really only for devices roughly the size and shape of Apple iPods.

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My problem with this accessory is it doesn't make it easy to get at the power switch on, say, an iPod Touch, and the clear panel will, in time, get scratched. I wish they'd just made a clip that I could snap my iThing onto rather than a pocket I have to put it into. As an aside, let me warn you the company that makes the PodFlexPro does something that, if I could justify doing so, I'd knock at least a point off their rating for: They start a video playing when you load their home page. Guys, you're selling a gadget!

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You're not delivering an emergency broadcast! If you have to do something so crude, at least take the volume way down; I usually have music playing and sites like yours just harsh my mellow.

My second Appleoid gadget is for iPads and Galaxy Tabs. If you want to affix your pad to the wall for display purposes or mount it in the car in a vain attempt to reduce the cries of "Are we there yet? The gadget, or rather gadgets, made by a company called Vogel's, are called RingO and consist of a holder for the tablet there are three versions: one for the iPad , another for the iPad 2 and a third for the Galaxy Tab -- the tablet just snaps in and out of the holder , and fixtures for non-swiveling wall mounting with either an adhesive pad or a screw, or with a screw and a swing arm, or for attaching to front seat headrest.

There's also a clip-on table stand.

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Dead simple, nicely made, and somewhat pricey, though if you're looking to fix, say, iPads, to walls in your office as information devices, you won't care. What I really want is a mounting that let's me attach my iPad to my car dash so I can have a decent sized map for navigation Let me know if you've found something. Gibbs is an equal opportunity computer user in Ventura, Calif.

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The program also wants access to the router. Why does the software need this? The username and password are used only by Network Magic to access your router. What else can Network Magic do? If you set up a password you can do some cool stuff, like set an internet schedule for the computer.

But you can also take screenshots of the computer from another computer. Cisco releases a major upgrade for its Network Magic Software and makes it the standard network management mechanism for all Linksys by Cisco routers.

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Seven months after the 5. This 5. According to Cisco, novice home users will now have comfortable control over devices on their networks from within a single network map window. The new interface also adds simplified access to printer and file sharing, a more straightforward process for adding wireless devices, and support for a broader range of devices. Parents can now monitor how the Internet is being used by any member of the family at any given time. For example, an admin user can set limits for Web browsing, game playing, and overall Internet usage for a particular computer within the network via a few mouse clicks.

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