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Blazkowicz discovering a piece of an ancient medallion containing supernatural powers. With the Nazis searching for more pieces of the medallion in order to access the Black Sun Dimension in order to gain powers that will give them the upper hand in the war, B.

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Blazkowicz is sent on a mission to eliminate General Deathshead. When the mission fails B. Joining forces with the resistance B.

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Blazkowicz and Agent One infiltrating Castle Wolfenstein in order to retrieve a top secret folder that contains the location of General Deathshead. The mission goes wrong and Agent One is killed, though B. Joining up with a local resistance he must track down a Nazi scientist in order to find the information that will lead him to Deathshead. Nice write up. Just a couple more days until The New Collossus hits my doormat.

I cannot wait. ID never had the source code. MUSE is so far gone that I'll ask. Just some basic thought about the speech synthesis: It might be usefull to inspect 2 sources: The Apple Talker:. Turning back to the Apple Talker then the User might - inspired by the techniques explained at the SAM - start to build a library of vowels with the Apple Talker and then use the Apple Talker to record that stuff for a library to be used with the Apple Talker.

Beyond Castle Wolfenstein for the Apple II

Then the routines of the Apple Talker might be used to Output the stuff at the internal Appleloadspeaker Then while working with that stuff they started to optimize code for better storage and better replay by tuning with the parms in the program They weren't using anything directly from Silas other than the game disk. After the death of Silas Warner in , the reconstructed source code and a ported version of the game was released for free by his widow in honor of him.

A I started this project in the summer of , worked on it on and off, then got busy with other things. After hearing about Silas Warner's untimely death, I had renewed interest in finishing it. Overall, it probably took close to 6 months of spare time to get to a releasable stage, probably about hours total. I originally posted a response here to wishtoknow, but I can't see how it would lead to anything but conflict and flames so I've replaced it with this.

Sorry about that, mods. I have followed the Wikipedia references and came to the understanding that the original Apple ][ binaries were reverse-engineered to "something" Pseudo code, real sources, etc. But if you are like me, that just won't do. And I guess that if ya want a job done right, ya just gotta do it yourself for the fun and love of it. I spent many hours with breakpoints via the system monitor to inspect and hack the binaries with the monitor and mini-assembler in the Castle Wolfenstein's hey days.

I could isolate the voice routines and play back various speech parts on command. There are binary relocatable code parts to look out for; left-over assembler-time junk that might be construed as decoy code. Pretty traceable code and amazing what it could pull off with the limited resources of the day. And always fun to run around with FF bullets and grenades just to test everything, lol, then put it back together for "normal" runs. Time to get back to this again..

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Long live the Apple ][ version! Anything is possible. It would be fun to get things into modern networks. Please consider contributing. This page, the entire Applefritter site, and all subsites of are copyright by Tom Owad unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved.

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Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, 1984

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Joined: Jun 15 - I stopped playing after the successful return to the submarine. I watched the scene where one of the new arrivals is awestruck that there is a working toilet on the sub and that there even is toilet paper on board.

I guess this was supposed to be funny and make me laugh, but after all the miserable things the game made me experience until then, nothing was funny anymore. I then watched Max Hass, the guy who has physically lost half of his brain in previous battles, beat the doctor of the ship at chess.

The doc freaked out, wiped the pieces off the board and walked away swearing. Max picked up an unfinished drawing of his, which looked like a child made it, and kept looking at it with a sad expression. That was when I switched off the Xbox One, disappointed and saddened. I recommend the use of hemp oil for depression or other mental conditions like anxiety. Tell them, my song. The personal blog of Winfried Maus, born in , thinking ever since. Home About My brain at work eBooks Downloads. Search Search for:.